Welcome!  We're glad you're considering sponsoring TEDxYouth@BriarWoodsHS.  But why sponsor us?

TEDx talks are extremely popular.  In addition to the hundreds or thousands who watch events live, TEDx talks routinely get thousands of views within a week solely on the TEDx YouTube channel. 


Our 2020 event had over 300 live viewers and all of our talks passed the view threshold to be published on TED's site... in less than an hour.


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TEDxYouth events have a unique audience.  TEDxYouth events typically attract youth, their families, and those who value community and education.  This is a great way to appeal to your target audience.

TEDxYouth@BriarWoodsHS is no ordinary TEDx event.  In addition to having a unusually exceptional lineup of speakers that you won't find at another TEDxYouth event, the virtual event is completely free.  This means that talks presented as part of TEDxYouth@BriarWoodsHS are likely to get more views and media coverage than regular TEDx events, as they are more accessible.


For Businesses

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For Individuals

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Pricing is negotiable.  Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  Please feel free to contact us at tedxyouthbriarwoodshs@gmail.com.